Disabling Samsung Voice Input So It Will Use Google Voice Input Instead

Well, lets just say it, Samsung Voice Input is about as useful as yelling at a cow and hoping it knows what the hell you are saying. The Samsung phones come with Google Voice Input as well, and it's vastly better at understanding you. However, you can't at any point tell it to use just the Google V.I. when using it as a keyboard (voice to text). So here is how to make it go away.

Swipe down on your phone. Hit the settings icon in the top right corner (a gear). Hit the search icon (a magnifying glass). Type in voice and scroll to nearly the bottom and hit "App Info - Samsung Voice Input". Then when the app info comes up, in the bottom left corner is "disable", click that and it will turn off the Samsung Voice Input everywhere and leave you with the much better Google Voice Input.

Not sure about other phones, but it wakes a world of difference on a Samsung phone. Seriously, even if you speak very slow and clearly, it will often come up with a very wrong word. Google Voice Input will almost never come up with the wrong word unless you have a heavy accent.


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