I've been trying to get my dang gift card I have more than enough points for, for over 2 months.

First the link to rewards on the credit card web page just stops working and I can't get my flipping gift card. Skip 2 months ahead and they put a link on the front page and tell you to use "Reward Headquarters" web page to do it.

I go there and it tells me I need to link my card to the site and I give it the card and it wants my Postal Code (a 6 digit number). I give it the postal code and it gives an error saying it needs to be 5 digits. Well that's not possible, it's 6 freaking digits.

Skip another week and a half ahead and the link in the banner changes to a sub page of R.H. and I can finally make my account and use my points. WRONG. It tells me I am ineligible to redeem my freaking points.

Well I get on the phone to them and go threw the billion questions to verify who I am. The woman then has not one clue why I can't redeem my points.

Now we are in a 3 way call to between rewards and the bank. Guy at the bank has no idea other than "you have to be in good standing". Well I've literally always paid my account off before the date it needs to be paid off. I've never left a single penny not paid.

The guy looks and sees I am over my credit limit. See here is the issue with that. If you don't want people to go over the limit, literally don't let the card work if it will be over the limit. Makes all kinds of freaking sense to me and most people alive, but not to the bank.

Guy "thinks" it's because I'm over the limit. F.F.S. - You let me go over the limit, and the points are already in my account before I went over the FUCKING limit. So this is literally bullshit.

It's like saying "Sally has $30, and wants to spend $18 on something. The guy at the store tells her, 'your money won't work unless you are in a blue dress'". It's basically that fucking stupid.

So no I need to wait to the end of the month when I pay off the bloody card to see if I can get my gift card that I have 1945 MORE points than I need to get the gift card.

Once again, it's like they give you a $100 credit limit for something and you use $70 of it. The next day you go to use $10 more of the credit and they say "nope you used your credit, you can't use your credit". If you don't want people to do something, don't fucking let them do it then punish them for doing it.

Like you have kids and the kid says "can I light the car on fire"? You tell them "yes". Then you punish them for lighting the car on fire. See my point yet?

Ya know if this only took 2 days to make the FREAKING ACCOUNT in the first place, instead of 2 and a half months, I'd not be so pissed off right now. First you mess up your own rewards portion of your own fucking webpage and force us to go to another page. You give us the wrong page and it's literally not possible to sign up to that wrong page. Then you finally after a very long time give us the right page and we sign up, but now we can't use the freaking points that we had before we went over the limit you allow us to go over.

I just hope my application to raise my limit by $200 is approved so this won't fucking happen ever again. I need it to be $600 not $500 obviously and I've always paid every cent off at the end of the month without fail, so if they don't approve it I'll be wondering about their sanity.


By the way, you can get a credit on your C.C. bill or deposit $50 in your account after a certain number of points. The site tells you $50 needed and literally does not tell you how many points is $50. That also very useful.


  1. hmm going over your limit will land you in not good standing here after a couple of times, that could be the reason. just because you get a fee doesnt mean they want you to go over.

    1. Honestly a 12 years old can understand "if you don't want me to use it, don't let it happen". It's there and I use it because my limit is $100 less than I need. It gets paid 100% off every time without fail. They should know by now I'm good for it. Also I earned all these points on paid off statements. So this is bullshit no matter how you look at it.


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