Ya know the Sask online health records thing is very difficult for the average person to get set up I'm 100% sure. The inability to actually get it finished after government office hours is a bother.

Seriously, they demand you rely on this for test results and crap and you need 2 sets of ID one with microscopic writing on it you need to read. The ability to set it up on your own should be paramount, being it's VERY hard to get these people on the phone for the magic number you need to get into it. To be honest, it's not just being on hold, the system literally hangs up on you after you been on hold for ages. It's a miracle if you can get them on the phone.

Anyone who is not expert level computer user is going to fail at this BTW. Good luck at all if you are using a smart phone to do it BTW. It would be impossible for an older person to even see what they are doing.

I almost got locked out because the one number I need on my ID is too small for me to read even with my glasses on. I had to zoom in with my phone camera to get it to where I could read it FFS.

And now you HAVE to use the phone option, they will NOT mail out the pin to you to get into it. This is ridiculous being how dysfunctional their phone system is. You can spend days on this one task alone if you are not lucky. If you work days for example, good luck ever getting them on the freaking phone, a lunch break will not be enough.



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