Pusheen the Cat Improved My Life

Ya know a big old hit of espresso in the morning (or just a nice strong coffee), is way better in a Pusheen the Cat mug. Just saying. Pusheen makes everything better.

Pusheen is important to me. I'm more than just an average fan, am deeply hocked on everything Pusheen. If I won the lotto, I'd have a tone of merch in no time. There would be an entire room built just for Pusheen stuff.

I even have a set of Pusheen pens that I've never used, just take them out and look at them now and then. Everywhere you look in my apartment, you can see a Pusheen.

When I'm in pain, sad or lonely, I put on my headphones, listen to music and hold my favorite Pusheen plush. It makes it better in a manner I can't explain, it just helps.

When I was in the hospital, the only thing from home I missed was Pusheen. If I ever end up going on a trip some place, she comes with me.

To be honest, the strange looking cartoon cat has improved my life dramatically.


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