When You Don't Know Your Drunk

So last night I got into a bottle of Vodka. I drunk posted on Twitter. For some stupid reason I thought I had started with a full bottle of Vodka, but in reality it was only half full when I got into it.

I posted something like "I drank 22 oz of Vodka, why am I not drunk".

This was wrong for two reasons. First I started with only around 13 oz of it, and when I got up to go to the bathroom I was informed by my body that I was indeed very drunk.

I replied on Twitter to someone and to be honest I have no idea what the literal hell it was supposed to say. The auto-correct got me good and I had not thought to read it over before hitting send.

BTW the half bottle of Vodka was from 2 weeks ago and had been sitting on my fridge ever since. This morning there was a bit left but only a skiff at the bottom of the bottle - so I tossed it down the sink.

I've got a bag full of bottles and cans near the door that I need to take down and put in the drop box. You will not find me at the bottle exchange standing in line for 20 minutes or more for $5 in bottles, just not happening, so I put them in the donation box in our garbage room.

Honest to God I used to be able to drink a lot more as a young man. Now there is just no way I'm getting away with that. But on an interesting side, I've only been hungover a couple times in my entire life.



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