Little Pusheen is Watching Me Sleep

This is Pusheen. She is one of the original 6 inch plush toys, before Gund took over making them. She is my favorite thing in the world. If there is a fire, I'm grabbing my USB hard drive and her on the way out.

She watches me sleep. Every now and then I'll knock her off the night stand in my sleep and when I wake up and she is not there, I kind of freak out. I'll literally say "PUSHEEN" out loud and start to look for her.

I know, I'm almost 55 and my favorite thing on earth is a stuffed toy. I've got a bunch of stuffed toys, but this one is special.

When I'm in a lot of pain, or having a bad panic attack, I'll hold her and listen to music on my headphones. It helps a lot. When I'm feeling silly, I'll walk around with her out in front of me and pretend she is flying (super Pusheen). I've got my coping measures you see.

Thing is I have an above normal IQ, but several people have seen all the stuffed toys and you can tell they think I'm "special". I don't correct them, to hell if they want to think that. Lets be honest, it's no more childish then someone my age who has 1500 hot wheels cars.

I've got a set of Pusheen and her sister Stormy with sunglasses on. The Pusheen one has a shot glass in front of her. The glass is shaped like a boot and came with a bottle of whiskey from Alberta. The thing is about useless as a shot glass, but looks cool in front of Pusheen as it's 3/4 her height.

The newest of the collection is a Stormy that is a unicorn cat hybrid. She has a horn and a mane like a unicorn. I love my toys.

I often wonder if my love of these things comes from the fact that when I was 10 my parents took the toys away. They said it was time to grow up more. I was not at all ready to do so, and now I have my toys to play with. I have actually had tea parties with them. I've also posed them all over the place for photo shoots. The big one is a rare 14 inch Pusheen on the fridge and I have a cowboy hat on her.

Anyways, I hope you have something in your life you love as much as I love Pusheen.


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