Stop Chrome From Crashing During Video Play

Launch Chrome, up near the top right corner is 3 dots, click them.

Click "Settings".

Click "Advanced"

Click "System"

Toggle the 2 switches shown below.

You will be prompted to Relaunch, do so. Now the acceleration is turned off and the apps will no longer run in the background when Chrome is not running. Turning off acceleration will help prevent the computer hard locking while you are watching a video in Chrome. This is a rather random happening, but it does happen. As for the apps, they do NOT need to be running in the background, this just makes Chrome boot up faster if you launch it again. With the apps not running, the system has more resourced for your work and will slightly speed up the system. To be honest, for me it's more about the memory the apps take up, than the speed - you will probably not notice any faster run times. But they do take up a lot of memory. When you only have 8GB like me, and run things that are memory intensive, they can be an issue.


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