Caffè Gioia Instead of Lavazza This Month

This is the stuff I got because it was less money for a good coffee than the one I normally got. The one I normally got went up almost $2 a package, and being these are only 200g and last a week making coffee, it became too much to justify.

This is rather enjoyable. It's not as good as the Lavazza, but it's way better than the normal stuff I can get around here, and it comes to my door.

I had it a while back and did not seem to enjoy it as much as I do now. Not sure why, but it's a good thing I like it a lot, as I don't want to spend a bunch more when I don't need too.

I know "your poor, don't spend on this". Well it's one of the few joys I have in my life and it's something I can deeply enjoy every morning. So to me it's worth the money and lets face it, it's $20 a month for an entire month of pleasure once a day.


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