The Last of My Rossa Coffee

Got into my last pack of Lavazza Rossa. It will last a week. The stuff is better than the stuff I got to replace it, but dang I don't want to pay almost $6 a bag for it when I can pay $3.50 for the other stuff. I like the one in the gold bag better but It's almost $8 a bag right now. I pay a lot of nice coffee, because it's a very great pleasure in my life to drink a cup or two a day. A lot of people I know say that had to get used to coffee, but I liked it from day one. The first time I drank it, it was hot dark joy. I've always liked it better black, but now and then if it sucks at the restaurant, I will put some cream in it - never sugar. I wish I knew this stuff existed and had a moka pot when Mom was alive, she would have loved this strong rich coffee.



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