Turning Off the Game Junk in Windows 10

There is kind of a lot of junk running just for the "gaming" end of windows 10. Well I don't play games and I don't want this crap turned on. So here is how to turn it off, and lets hope an update does not turn the stuff back on or I'll have to do it again.

 Right click start menu and click run

Type regedit and hit return



Click Control

Click Services

Find GamingServices and click it.

On the right panel you will see a bunch of stuff. Right click Start and select modify. Change the value to 4.

Do the same for "FamingServicesNet", "XboxGipSvc", "xboxgip", "XboxNerApiSvc", "XblGameSave".

This should turn off all the game crap you don't need.

Warning - do exactly this and don't try it on other things, the game apps are not integral to windows, but some apps are. If you disable the wrong thing, you can break windows.


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