My Ugly Feet

The inside of both my ankles have these veins going on. There is also a lump there that is not so small.
Need to get at my toenails and remove all this dead skin. It's hard for me to do this as I'm disabled and it gives me a lot of back and neck pain to get at my feet.
There is this lump at the side of my big toe on the left foot. It is a cyst of some kind I'm told. I've got another on my right wrist.
For over a week now my feet have been kind of red. It does not show well here, but kind of does. The look much more red in real life. For some time they also had a very strong pain like a bunch of needles stabbing me, and a pulsating feeling. Should really see my family doctor about this. And yes I know - dead skin. Trust me it's been worse.


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