Banks Suck

So, the math was not working out on my credit card statement. I figured the card company had messed up somehow. NOPE, it's my bloody bank. Conexus put a "float" - a kind of hold - on 2 of my payments. Why? Because I put money on the card 3 days in a row and their system did not like this. So, I call them and spend far too much time on the phone. They person on the other end of the phone tells me she sent in a request to have the payments released. Well cut to 8 hours later and still no change in my usable credit, I still can't use the card, even though I'm in deep need of getting some stuff from the store like today. What am I told when I get ahold of the card company (again), that it may take 5 days to clear. Well, dang... I was going to have to wait 5 days to get it to clear in the first place, so this "request to release payment" is about pointless then I guess. So no can use until it clears. Sigh, WTF is the point of the request? Tell me what is the point?


  1. Let me guess they told you the float was to protect you from fraud lol

    1. Nope just that it was automatic. And it was pointless to phone, it's not clearing until Thursday anyway. Wasted my time.

    2. they dont care about you if you are not paying them fees and interest, sad but true.


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