Medical Update on my Cracked Heal (Nasty Photo Warning)

I had noticed pain in my left heal. I came to find out it was very badly cracked and the callus on it was flaking off. Most of the hard Callus ended up coming off, but a bit of it remanded. The skin under it, was deeply cracked and in bad shape. I spent $18 I did not really have to spend on some ointment that was supposed to be just for healing cracked heals. Well, after 5 days of it doing nothing, I went to urgent care as my doctor would have taken a week to see me, and I was concerned with possible infection. The nurse practitioner looked at it and told me to put Vaseline on it and keep it in a sock. She wanted me to wrap it in plastic wrap, but I don't have and I'm not spending the money on any, so I just used the sock. It's working well to say the least. It will most likely be over a week yet, maybe two before the big crack fills in, but it's doing it. I'm going to keep putting moisturizer on my feet every night before bed after this heals up. I don't want a repeat of it. As well, since I don't bath and just have showers, I'm going to soak my feet at least once a week and rub them down with a rough towel to keep dead skin to a minimum and keep them hydrated. Sometimes the old standby that mother told you to use all those years ago is the one that works the best.


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