INIU 20,000mAh Power Bank B1-B5 (First look)

I had ordered the 10,000mAh bank from them and it was defective. I contacted them and they sent me the newer and larger model. I just got it today and I'm charging it up all the way. If you don't have a rapid charger, this will take a full day to charge all the way up. Fortunately, it was at 81% when I got it and I am using a rapid charger. The bank it's self-will rapid charge your device with an output of up to 22.5ma. You will need a cable that will do rapid charge, as not all of them do. Ther are 2 standard USB ports and a USBC - the USBC is how you charge it up, but it can be used as an output as well. It comes with a protective case that is rather nice and is easy to use. The charging cord that comes with it is extremely short, so it is not of much value when charging the bank. There is some math to do to see what the "actual mAh output" will be, as there is a power step-up, and this consumes a lot of current.

(3.7/5*100%=74%)*90%=66.6% or 0.666


0.666*20,000=13,320mAh output.

My phone is 5000mAh this bank should charge the phone 2.664 times. or 3.33 times from 20% on my phone. Don't tend to let it go under 20% and I recommend you never do as well. Some recommend you do not charge past 90% as well, but I've never found it to dramatically affect my battery in any way. Also remember that the bank will be using power as it sits on a shelf. There are circuits that allow it to tell it's been plugged into a device to charge it; this will use a minute amount of power. Below are photos of what came in the mail. In a couple months if I remember I'll follow up to this blog with a review of how it is working for me.


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