Fembots and Lotto Winners

Been getting a bunch of follows on Instagram with this stuff in it. Looks like a bunch of people won almost a billion this last year LOL. And yes, they will definitely be giving you $50K just for following them HAHAHA. No idea what the scam is, but there has to be one. Never bothered to click the link, for obvious reasons. This profile was made within days of it following me and look at the foolish people following it.

Then there are the beautiful women with a hand full of sexy photos all posted on the same day. I have a friend on TikTok that has them following him when he has no content, and he is convinced it's not scammers LOL. If they ever do comment, it's to ask you to direct message them. If you do DM them, they will then try to scam the hell out of you after the obligatory flattery.

I have to wonder how much money these people make off these bots. There has to be good money in it, or there would not be a literal plague of them on the internet. Everywhere but Facebook I have been followed by the fembots. The lotto winners so far, only on Instagram. Oh, and good luck getting money or anything out of them. If you are asked to give money for photos, know that they have been ripped off from free to use porn sites, and you are literally paying for free content.


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