People Make Me Wonder About Them at Times

Commented on a post asking where to get a key fob for a command start. Someone already mentioned that you need to have the module activated to start with. I commented that you need to program the fob. I got a reply that was an image of the manual on how to operate the key fob. SMH - That's how to use it. It does not magically know how to pair with your module. It's not very hard to pair them, and you can just follow instructions off a web page, but yeah, it needs to be done first. If your module did not have a code that is different than others around it, you would be starting other people's cars not just yours. I guess somehow this bit of simple logic is just too much to understand. Yes, there are overlapping codes, but they make sure you don't have them sold in the same regain. It has happened that when relocating to a new province, people lucked out and the code was the same as the car parked next to them. I've literally in my entire life only heard of this once. Not only that, but you also need to buy the correct fob for your car or truck.

This reminds me of how easy it is to open a garage door with a box you make. You need about $30 in components, and the ability to make a printed circuit board. With the box, it just sends all of the possible open commands. You need it to be low powered, or you may just open every door for 2 houses on either side as well. At least this is how it would work in the 1990's. I'm not up on the openers now, maybe there is new tech to help prevent this, but I somehow doubt it.

In any event, I just wonder why people don't think of simple things like I mentioned about the fob. Just got to wonder.


  1. I would never think about that and I know for sure I could not program it even with a guide, how do I know? because years ago I bought a new Fob for our car and it never got used because I was not ble to follow the instructions that came with it, too fucking complicated for me.

    1. Well, it's how my brain works, so this kind of thing comes easy to me. I mean if I guy, I used to date can do it, almost anyone should be able to. He was almost a salad. But my brother was the same, anything tech was beyond him, yet he had his demolitions certificate to blow up buildings and stuff.


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