Screen Time Update

I wanted to switch from Chrome to Edge on the phone, but for the life of me, it won't go away with asking me my password AND a fingerprint every time I use my credit card. Skip that. Chrome just does it, with only needing to type in the magic number on the back of the card. There are several things I visit on Chrome that are not available as apps, so there it is. Facebook seems to be my existence most days LOL. Normally Thursday its way down, but I used the phone a lot that day even though I was out. I follow a lot of people on YouTube as well, so that is most of that. I am wondering why YT Music is not showing up, I spend at least 4 hours a week on it, most times more, so it should be above Chrome ever time, but never is.


  1. Mine dipped 4 hours when I got rid of Facebook, I have not seen any difference since you forced me to get rid of Chrome and go with Edge

    1. Another person never has to do the password either buy I could not fix it, so gone. On the PC it works fine.


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