Happy Birthday Pusheen

It's the birthday of my favorite thing I own - Pusheen. This is one of the originals, before the new company took over making them. She was kind of expensive in the day, but I just had to have her, and had the money at that time. I've got a bunch of Pusheen toys, but this is my all-time favorite and stays on the nightstand beside my bed. At night I pretend to give her treats and say good night to her. In the morning I pretend to feed and water her. I'm sane, really, I am, I just really enjoy pretending she is a real cat. Sometimes I talk around holding her in front of me, and pretend she is super kitty and flying. When I'm in a lot of pain, or depressed or anxious, she helps very much, just by holding her and listening to music. Life would not be half as good without her. Yes, we had a birthday celebration with the last of the biscuits I had.


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