I Have to Pay a Subscription for A TV Browser

First off, I would really like to know if other brands of Android TV literally DON'T have the ability to install Chrome browser on them. I'd prefer to have Edge on it, but that is not an option either. I've never used an Android TV other than this one before. For the small number of browsers out there for my TV, this (Puffin TV Browser) is literally the only one that does not totally fail at navigating web pages. The also all claim to have adblocking then don't block ads at all most of the time. Puffin is not perfect at adblocking but I'm not getting any popups at all, just the stray in-frame ad here and there. The downside is it's NOT free to use. You will very shortly run out of bandwidth on it and be told you need to pay CDN $1.29 a month to use it. Well, I just signed up for the 7-day free trial, then on the 3rd of March I'll be billed for it by Google. Comes out to $1.44 with taxes. Being that I've been using it kind of a LOT, I am willing to pay this price for it. Also, only 2 of them were able to log into my Google Docs account with, the rest said, "browser not secure" and would not allow it. The other one, although free, is useless at navigating the document in Docs at all, you only see the top of it and can't scroll on it. So here I am. I also want to be able to hit a site I check every day and view a couple hundred images with it per visit. This alone ran me out of bandwidth. I want docs on it so I can do tags and read my documents on the TV. It's almost useless to type on, unless you use their app for your phone that allows it to be a remote. There is strangely no yearly option for this, but there is the Puffin 365 option that allows 3 devices for a bit more money, but I don't want to use it on anything else at all.

Check this out, it's the receipt for the Puffin subscription. I got it on my phone (Android phone) and this is how it looked. I'm using dark mode on the phone, and maybe that's the issue, but DANG all you need to do is set the text color in the CSS for the email and this would not ever happen. It's not the first time I've had it happen with a Google Play purchase either. There is text, but it's white on a very light gray. Just wow. Come to think of it, the blue is too light for some people to read with low vision or contrast issues. They really should fix it, it's literally one line of code. {color: black;} see.


  1. I dont think I can install anything on my LG tv just the build in crab browser but LG has its own OS

    1. Changed my mind, I'll just NEVER go to my sites on the TV, I'll save the $1.44 and use my tablet instead. I won't run it out of bandwidth going to Docs to read my tags any time soon, so the free is good enough. But it is worth it for those who want to do more on the Android TV. The adblocker on everything else sucks bad. There is also a cloud version you can get where it runs the pages in the sandbox.


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