Jigsaw List Update and Where the Puzzles are Stored

I've been using Jigsaws Galore for many years now. I've enjoyed it a great deal. I've recently started to keep track of my puzzles I make and do, for literally no valid reason other than I can LOL. In any event, the list is here, you can click it to read them if you wish. I'm currently zooming through a bunch of them as I have been playing them for hours every day and I tend to make most of them 80 or 100 pieces and I can do them in 4 minutes on average. I don't really like, most of the time, to do big puzzles, but I have done a set of 1000 piece puzzles and have a set of 500's that I'm going to get into eventually. Then can be fun when I can focus better and want to keep my mind busy. In any event, I said in a Vlog I'd post on this blog post, where you put the puzzles if you want to share with friends and back them up like I do. Below is the file path on the PC. No idea on the Mac.

Puzzle files go in:

C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Jigsaws Galore\Jigsaws

Individual puzzles and folders of puzzles go into the Jigsaws folder above. Sub-folders are not allowed, and I think there is no real reason for them unless you have 800 folders on the go. I think I have too many folders now, and am not going to make more, until I'm under one row of puzzles on the apps desktop. Below are screen shots of the app.


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