My Credit Card Company is Messing Up.

 So, my credit card company "Collabria", seems to be fucking with my credit card balance. I called them about the difference, and for some unexplainable reason, he came up with a 3rd number not the same as mine or the systems. He seems to be missing several transactions, and payments in his calculations for no valid reason. Here is what their web page is showing me (below) and the math of it from the previous balance and all the transactions and payments. Payments are in brackets and the balance in brackets is an overage or a negative balance. Yes, I'm typically over my limit for the simple fact they let me be over by $100. I have no idea why the person at Collabria is not seeing all the transactions, but they don't seem to be. He only mentioned the ones pending and 2 in the posted section. Pending have not been processed but still count on your balance. Posted have been processed already. So, you can see by the screen shots below they are not doing the math right at all. It's a holiday in Ontario on Monday, so I have been told to wait until Wednesday to see if it sorts it's self out. This is NOT acceptable at all. BTW there is a payment on the card that is still not showing up and won't until Wednesday at 8pm, but I'm not counting that, just what is shown to me on their web site.


  1. I am with you on this, it is not acceptable, years ago I caught the credit card we had skimming 1-2 dollars off every payment, now think about it if they have 1-2 million customers that is a huge profit for them on top of the fees they already had, I was so happy the day I paid that off and closed it. they are still sending me mail trying to sign me up again, it was by the way the credit company we can get on PayPal here in the US.

    1. And the fact that 2 people at the company got -$81 instead makes me wonder WTF is with their system, if it's not showing the same numbers to both of us. This is bullshit.


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