3 Quick Things

My cat has been on the fridge for years now and won't come down.
My heal was badly cracked and painful. Petroleum jelly fixed it right up in a short time. There is just a bit of the callous left on it, and I'm hoping it comes off eventually.
Rexall has this service where just before you run out of meds, you get a text to come and get more. Well, it has not worked for me the last while as you see. First off, I got 2 orders in 2 weeks, then I got this third one in 20 days after the last one So now I have 2.5 months of pills on the shelf. I canceled my auto refill service and am just going to call them from now on. I told them twice already it was giving me them too early, and nothing was fixed, so I'll just do it the old way from now on.


  1. companies and their broken notifications lol just got one from my mortgage panicking saying it is almost due and they haven't received it, no bitches you receive it on the due date not a second before lol


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