So Saturday March 10th, 2018 I went into the ER of the Dr. F. H. Wigmore Regional Hospital here in Moose Jaw with level 9 to 10 abdominal pain. This was the worst pain of my entire life. I was promptly given some blood work and if I can remember NO EKG even though I have a heart condition and made them aware of it. I was then after a time of waiting with no pain medication what so ever, told I had "the flu" and was send home. At no time was an examination of my belly done by the doctor and at no time was an x-ray or CT done of me at all. I was just summarily told I had the flu and was sent home.

Sunday March 11th, 2018 I ended up passed out from the pain in my kitchen flat on my back and hit my head on the cement floor. I called 911 ONCE AGAIN and ended up in the same ER this time with a doctor who knew what the hell he was doing.

The doctor examined me and said that he thinks he feels a lump and thinks it's a hernia. Well I am then (finally) sent to get a CT scan and it shows that I do have a hernia with something sticking out of it.

A surgeon was called in and he looked at me and the case, asked a bunch of questions. Then his anesthesiologist came in and did the same thing.

After a bit of waiting and some paperwork was signed I was off to the OR the same day to get an operation to fix the hernia. All went well and I spent the night in the ICU as a precaution.

I was then transferred to the Surgical ward to spend one more day and night in the hospital then I was back in the apartment on my own once again.

I have to say I don't feel very good about the possibility of myself or anyone I care about having to see the same doctor in the ER. This is to say the least reprehensible and not something you want to ever happen.

Yes it's a long shot, but when I passed out and hit my head it could have been the end of me. As well when you come in saying your belly is in the worst pain of your life and the doctor does NOT examine it, what can you say about his competence?


  1. If it had been here we would sue the heck out of that Hospital and you would have becoe rich because they usually settle out of court for a shitload of money, imagine the amount of Pusheens.....

    1. It's hard to sue doctors here. Laws protect them.


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