Rusty's Music Tag

1. What music genres do you listen to?
Almost everything you can imagine.
2. What are your 5 favourite bands?
Iron Maiden, Rush, Boston, Kansas, Apocalyptica.
3. What are your 5 favourite solo singers?
Ozzy, Bob Marley, Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, Shawn Phillips.
4. Do you remember what is your first band that you listen to when your little?
I dont remember.
5. What band inspires you the most?
6. What solo singer inspires you the most?
Gordon Lightfoot.
7. Do you listen to headbanger music bands? If yes list some of headbanger bands?
Salyer, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest.
8. What is your favourite music soundtrack?
Suicide Squad.
9. Favourite slow song?
Lady in Red.
10. Favourite Parody song?
Eat it.
11. Favourite fast song?
Run to the Hills.
12. What instruments do you like to listen?
Guitar, Drums, Fiddle.
13. Is there any instruments do you like to play?
I cant play any but would love to be able to play guitar.
14. What is your favourite album?
Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden.


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