OK went and got half the staples out. He said it was in case it opened up if he took them all out. I have to go back on Monday (this is Thursday) and get the rest of them out.
As you see in the photo this may just be a wise thing to do. There are several spots I don't think it is closed properly. The smallest circle seems to be visibly open.

The big one on the fat right is the drain hole. In this light you can't see it but there is an open part that seems not to have scabbed up at the bottom of it. In good light you can see in there...

I noticed a hard lump where the operation took place. I'm told this is normal. So won't be worried about it.

He also told me that it's not uncommon to have pain in the tip of your penis for some time after the catheter comes out. He told me to apply warm compress and put on some antibiotic cream. I will do that when I go to bed.

Kind of really don't want this thing to pop open when he takes the rest of the staples out. 10 days is a normal time frame to heal shut but as you see it don't look great.

At the bottom of the zipper you can just make out the scar from another operation. There where no staples on that one. They covered it in a transparent plastic stick on thing and left it. It healed on it's own after some time. I forget now how long it took.

All I can say is this will be an interesting looking scar when it's done with.

Oh yes and he is going to have a talk with the ER staff over this "it's the flu go home" crap. He tells me it's happening more and more over there and it's not a good practice to just ignore what people are telling the doctors in the ER. I have to agree - they can't just ignore people like that, it's dangerous.


  1. My wife had a hard lump, they said it was scar tissue on the inside

    1. I was told it's normal to happen. Kind of interested on what happens when the rest of the staples come out and the skin unpuckers. If it rips open I'll post a photo.


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