Co-op Gold Dark Roast Coffee Review

So got the Co-op Gold Dark Roast Coffee this time. I am loving the living hell out of this stuff. OMG this is better than the Nabob. I'm kind of sure 75% of people who like Nabob won't say the same, but for me YUM.

It's rich and dark and a hint of burnt in the background of it but it's not unpleasant at all. It is more bitter though and the taste lingers in your mouth for some time after you swallow (I like that as well).

A large container lasts me an entire month and there is slightly more in it than the name brand as well. It is $8 less a container exactly than Nabob so this is a bonus for people like me on a budget.

Yes you can get coffee for actually much less money than this, but it will NOT be half as good as this. The regular coffee I got last month was also very good but did not have nearly the body and smell this one does.

It seems to have more of a kick than the Nabob Full City Dark Roast as well - so I like that. The regular has more kick than the dark roast (as normal) and I did not see a breakfast blend in the pile, just regular and dark.

I'm going to give it an 8.5/10 - I have had better coffee but at a much higher price.

* NOTE: I said Regular several times instead of Canadian Blend (medium roast). On searching there is also a breakfast blend and they do have them in pods as well.


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