The vast majority of my time is spent in my apartment watching TV, YouTube videos or playing with my phone apps. I don't get out much and I don't play cards or bingo so I don't go downstairs to the events that happen in my building.

So when I go out for coffee (once or twice a week) it makes me all kinds of happy.

It is a chance to talk to people other than online threw social media and to change the walls I am looking at. This time of year there is no just going outside to sit in the patio as it's covered in snow and cold as heck.

It's to the point I will literally ignore pain in my body (Fbromyalgia) to get the heck out and enjoy being with people. Yes some times I do encounter people in the building to talk to but not often.

In fact most of the time when they start talking to me is when I'm trying to watch a YouTube video on the phone while waiting for the wash to be done in the laundry room. I am generally to nice to say "go away I want to watch videos by myself", so I talk to them. Hell most of them need someone (anyone) to talk to now and then.

I try hard to go down there in the late night so no one will be there but this last several times there has been kind of a lot of people for that time of night. They are watching TV in the rec room or doing the wash just as I am - so I get some forced socialization in (probably good for me even if I do complain about it).

I also tend to wait til they all leave for the night to go in the rec room and walk back and forth to get my walking in. I don't like to do it outside as well it's icy and cold and I don't want to slip. Last time I slipped I hurt myself kind of badly.

So there you have it, my social life (or lack there of) in a nutshell.


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