I'm so taking this to the store next time and demanding they honor it. I am kidding of course, but it reminds me of a person and a time.

There was this old lady and 1 till open (almost no one there but me and her). Well she has this coupon and is demanding it is good and wants to see the manager.

Manager comes out and asked "what is going on"? Well she says she won't take the coupon. The manager looks at it and says "this is from 1972" - at the time it was 2013. So kind of VERY expired. It was for $0.05 off a can of cat food (I realize the cliche here).

She starts to be visually shaken by this now and is out of control upset. I fish in my pocket and pull out a nickle. I toss in in front of her and say "I'll pay the 5 cents to get you out of the way".

Well this is where I almost lose my shit - she looks at me and says "It's a matter of principle and I won't give up". By now 3 others are behind me in the line and all ready to toss grandma out the door. The manager says "fine take it" and she leaves with the cat food.

I pull up with my 2 items and notice she had taken the nickle with her. Yup, people.


  1. ahahahaha never offer old ladies nickels

    1. Nope LOL. I'd have kicker her out and told her not to come back honestly. I'm willing to bet she knew it was expired.


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