So I went to use Netflix on my Shaw Cable Bluesky Box and it came up with an error and crashed the box - no functions worked. I power cycled the box and it did the same thing again.

I contacted Shaw Help on Twitter and they had me up an running in no time flat.

Just in case the exact same thing has happened to you and you happen to see this post, give this a try (as they recommended):

Press A on the remote.
Move over to "reset Netflix" on the menu.
Tell it "yes" and reset the app.

You WILL have to log back in to your account at this point in time as it does wipe out the login you already had set up, but this did fix the issue for me.

It happened after a night of several power drops here in town dew to a storm. I don't know if that did it, or it is just a random glitch that happened at the same time, but they got me running again in short order.

I have to say, I'm nothing but happy with Shaw 99% of the time. Yes there is that 1% where I'm pissy about pixelation or down time on the WiFi - but it never lasts long and trust me I have had the others in town and they where down a LOT more often than Shaw ever was. This is more than likely not going to happen to you because 100% of the time I'm moaning about it it's 3 am and NORMAL people are sleeping at that time LOL.

Also have to say the price for what I'm getting is reasonable as compared to the local competition. So I am happy with them. I also like the app they have for TV (Free Range TV) on the go when I'm in the laundry room at 11PM (see I'm not normal) and I run out of YouTube videos in my feed.

There is 1 thing on my wish list though - Having the ability to watch off my DVR on the go threw the internet. If they had that I'd be more happy then I am :)


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