Here I am sitting there freezing with only a dressing gown on. So I got tired of it and put my undies, pants and shes on. I then went for a walk in the hall.
 View out my window. A parking lot and a lot of flat land.
 This IV did not go so well at all.
 Foggy night. This was actually after midnight while I was waiting for my dang meds to be given to me.
Another look out the window. 
 The EKG stickers hate me at the best of time and well after being on me for 30 hours they did not come off that well. A week later I still have a mark there - it damaged the skin - there is a ring of tiny scabs.
 The board I had in my room.
Some of the 9 IV holes they punched in me. 8 of them on Sunday and 1 on Saturday (long story for another blog post). Ended up with 2 lines in me.


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