So Chrome has a stroke or something and I was logged out of Twitter. Here is the kicker - when you go there you are NOT on the page you want after being logged out. You are on a page where you can make a new account and yes there is a login at the top right - BUT this will not keep you logged in. There is a link (in blue) by the make a new account box to "log in" - you want that then you get the option to "remember me". Well you SHOULD get that...

So I click it and nope the box is not there to click. So a quick google tells me I need to delete all my cookies to get it to show up. I'm thinking "feck no"! See I do that and I have to log back into 25 freaking pages and accounts all over the place, get a text message to prove I'm actually me and enter a code. So my brain things NO.

So I go to the settings in chrome and to the advanced. "content settings", "cookies", "see all cookies and site data". Scroll a great long way down to "Twitter" while wondering what the actual hell 90% of these thousands of pages listed are as I never been to them and hit the "garbage can" icon to delete the 13 coolies it has.

Then back to twitter, click the blue link and click the box to "remember me" - now I just have to try and guess why the hell I was logged out in the first place.


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