So ever since I had the catheter out of my man bit, the poor little guy has been hurting. There is a sharp pain that spikes now and then - mostly after I go to bed for some strange reason. As well when I pee, it has the same sharp pain and then it burns for some time after. As well there is a bit of leakage from it after I pee for a few minutes - just a tiny amount, but I never had this before.

Thursday I'm going to the doctor to get my staples out and I will be asking him about this. The bitch of it is at the clinic I'm going their lab is only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday - so I will have to go some other place to pee in a cup for a sample - I 100% am sure he will want that.

The best bet is there is some kind of slight infection (has not moved to my bladder thank GOD). The other think I can think of is when they removed the catheter they did a small amount of damage to my urethra around the tip of little Dave. I'm reading from several sources that both of these can and do happen some times. I have to say it hurt like HELL when they pulled it out. The last time I had one this did not happen - it was a strange feeling but not pain.

In any event I need to get this looked at... Have a good one and go wash your brain now after reading this.


  1. oh he is just irritated from the cateter

    1. That should have passed in a couple of hours. It's been a week now. As well it should not hurt that bad coming out of me. I just hate that I will have to go to a different place for the pee test.

    2. I still think you are just bruised somehow. I guess it could be a infection.

    3. There could be a small rip as well. I will see - let the doctor do his thing.


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