YouTube is FRIED again. For me and many others I know anyone under about the 50K sub mark the videos are freezing and/or the audio keeps going and the video stalls. Why on earth would the big names NOT be effected by this bug if it was not intentional by YouTube I don't know as they SHOULD all be running under the same engine.

YouTube of course blames it on my provider and like literally EVERY time I get the freezing or buffering videos I test the speed and get similar to what you see to the side. Kind of don't think it's Shaw's end after that.

And like every last strange bug on YT not everyone is getting it to happen, some the videos all play just fine. That again makes no sense at all because it's trans platform and browser so why do some with the same setup get it and others don't?

As well things are missing from my feed. I figured there should be a video from the one person by now and sure enough there where 3 on his page I never saw. So why where there never in my feed?

Speaking of feed the dang thing seems to eat videos. I close the app or the browser and come back later and a video or 2 is missing from the feed. What the heck is that? If you bother to do the bug report, there is no feedback to you and I'm kind of sure no one ever sees the reports.

Yeah, I know, It's free - but what the hell here?

The other strange thing is my Tag channel. There is less than 200 subs and almost no views to speak of, so I am massively under the threshold for making money. Yet there is still a tab to be able to put ads on my videos - being I have never done so, this is no use to me - but it's still there. The vlog channel it's NOT there as an option at all.

At least they seem to have fixed (mostly) the bots that keep people from putting ads on a video of their dog playing on the lawn. Sigh. There is that I suppose. But all in all they are kind of out of wack with the universe it seems.


  1. They seem to forget that it is the small youtubers that watch the bigger ones.

    1. I know hay and there is a clear line at the 50K mark at which they play fine.


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