1 Holidays (3/5) Not bad. The ester bunny one I like them best. It's a set of short stories based on holidays across the year. It's obviously not the best done movie in history for effects, but it worked for me, giant rubber snake and all.

2 Horror Story (2/5) This would be a (4/5) if they had stuck to one language. the switching between Hindi (I think) and English was very hard to follow. I'm used to either reading the text or listening to the words. To switch between was annoying as hell. The story however was very good and although low budget it was well done.

3 The Exorcism of Emily Rose (5/5) What can I say, this was an amazing film with a mixed set of elements. Switching between the outside world (a trial) and the exorcism was accomplished smoothly and very well. The hint of danger to the lawyer and the priest was obvious and one other person was outright done away with by the evil (or so you are lead to believe).

 4 Malevolent (4/5) Another lower budget film that worked for me. It was a classic story where the ghosts lead the people to solve the mystery and bring people to justice. The effects where done well and the acting was actually quite good. The scrips was slightly lacking however.

5 Mara (4/5) It was not bad but dragged on a bit and the ending was obvious as hell. Still well worth watching. The idea of a "sleep demon" is actually very old and goes back over 1000 years. Literally millions of people have had their story of the "demon attack" recorded over the many years that records have been kept. There are even MANY paintings about the issue that are all rather similar. Descriptions across many cultures are the same. This makes it way more interesting.

6 Mercy (3/5) I expected more from this but the ending saved it from being a loss to me. There are a lot of jump scares in it and a good bit of tension. Like the rest of the films in this set, it was not over the top with money put into it. However the house was even creepy to me.


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