This is actually some beef stew that I tossed into the toilet to get rid of it. But kind of looks bad at first glance LOL. This being said, the one time I went into a local store and had to hit the toilet. I opened the stall and honest to GOD I don't know how the person lived doing what they did. There was poop on 3 walls and the toilet was covered. Seriously I dad to think someone took a bucket of poop and tossed it all over the place. Then I got talking to people who cleaned up in a care home. Well turns out this actually can happen. It can end up all over the walls and all over the person. I literally can't imagine this. I can see a bit of spray but enough to literally cover 3 walls. My brain won't let me process this as being a human possibility. This being said, I once exploded on the toilet and thank GOD I was home and alone. I literally ended up stepping out of my clothing and getting into the shower. My butt and privates where covered and dripping. There was only a small clean spot on the bowl where my man bits where dangling. It was even dripping of the bottom of the seat and some came out the size on the one side. Still 3 walls is a heck of a lot of poop.


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