Well that's another Christmas in the bag. I had a good meal (or 2) and enjoyed watching horror films all day long. Being alone there was no interruption. There seemed to not be many people around the building Christmas day. I think most of them have some sort of family to be with or at least friends. I should have done my laundry as I'm sure the room would have been empty all day, but oh well. I also got drunk that night and enjoyed a lot of music with my headphones on after the movies. I've got most of a 40 left over for New Years Eve (5 days) - that is if I don't get into it again. There is a rather good sale on right now so I might end up getting into it and then picking up another bottle for New Years Eve. It's like $26 for a 26 after taxes so that would not be too much for me. But we will see. I'll have to make my mind up by Saturday (this being Thursday) as I can get a ride then and I don't want to spend the $8 for delivery (Yeah, willing to spend $26 but not $8 more). In any event Next year I'm going to try to make it 3 months with no booze of pizza. I have failed the attempt to go 30 days with this in the past, but hell I have to change my ways - I was way the hell up on the year weight-loss wise. Then there is the fact I need to not spend as much money on pleasures and just save a bit in case I need it. Thank God I get paid tomorrow so I can pay off most of the credit card and then the following Friday pay the rest of it off (GST rebate day then). I've been living in debt for months now. The sad thing is people where generous enough to help me pay it off several months back then POOF disaster hits again. I think the universe knows you have credit and makes shit happen so you need to use it. In any event have a good one.


  1. Credit is like bad karma lol it always find a way to smack you in the face.

    1. It's interesting that the more people make the more debt they carry to some point. I know people who make $60,000 a year (or about) and they are deep in the hole. Humans seem to want more than we can have. As for karma, if only. There are a great deal of people in this world that never have anything happen to counter the bad stuff they do. Well, that and Karma is not in this life, it's in the next supposedly.


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