Peloton puts out an ad showing a man giving his wife an exercise bike for Christmas. The internet then loses its overly politically correct minds and the stock in the company drops 85% and the company is screwed. All because of a meme posted about it. OK about 50,000 memes. All of them trashing how only rich people can afford it and how shallow they all are. The idea that the bike is a revolutionary way of working out is pointless at this point and time. We live in a world that is you tying to impress you are trashed for doing so, at the same time if you don't conform to a standard imposed by social media you are trashed for not looking good enough. These are the same fucktards that will troll you into hell for actually trying to conform to their imposed norm. Just look at the guy who lost well over 100lbs in one year and got trolled off of Instagram for trying. The same people of course will troll the shit out of you for not trying. We demand to be treated with dignity while treating no one else the way we want to be treated. So excuse my total lack of shock that the people who think social media is a way of life fuck up a business who is trying to motivate people to be more healthy. My conclusion is we give weight to people who can't seem to want to destroy anything they don't like. As well these people tend to jump on a bandwagon at the drop of a hat and follow the trends. The worst part is, the entire time they are saying "look at me I'm a leader". There should be no rational way that a small percentage of people can get pissy and destroy a company like this. The fault is obviously not just the masses of keyboard warriors out there, it's the fools who listen to them.


  1. I feel like there is this angry mob online all the time looking for something to vent their anger on and it doesn't matter if they misunderstand it or not. Their only wish is total destruction of anything they decide to be angry about. One of the main reason I make almost no videos anymore. Last thing I want to do is feed the bottom of YouTube and encourage them.

    1. Yeah, it's getting stupid out there. This thing we thought was going to connect the world seems to have divided up deeply instead.


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