Honest to GOD this is the first time I ever got a finger in the photo and I never noticed until the day after I posted it.

The baking is "Flapper Pie" It's a Canadian kind of thing (I do believe invented in Saskatchewan) with meringue on top. Some of the photos used and that will be used are from my archives and not taken the same day - I have no ability to go out and find things to take photos of anymore. BTW the filling has a vanilla flavour. I do NOT like Meringue so I don't eat it. It was Moms fave pie of all. There are very few places that sell it, in fact only one in the city.

1. Something Red
2. 8am
3. All of the Lights
4. The stockings were hung
5. Santa Baby
6. Naughty or Nice
7. Candy Cane
8. Something Gold
9. Joy to the World
10. Oh Christmas Tree...
11. Baking
12. Self Portrait
13. Outside Christmas Lights
14. Black and White
15. 8 PM
16. Tradition
17. Presents Under the Tree
18. Favorite Ornaments
19. Favorite Holiday Drink
20. Cookies for Santa
21. A Beautiful Sight
22. Grateful
23. Something Silver
24. Twas the Night Before Christmas


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