The 2 orders where done at once. The other one is all ad-on items. I got the coffee travel mug I wanted so I can take coffee down with me when I do laundry. I also got the emergency radio I wanted. It cranks up to charge and had a light on it. There is a 1000mah phone charger on it as well - you can at least have the phone able to make a call if you need it. It does the weather band radio and AM/FM local radio.
These are the ad-on items. The body wash I've not used before but at this price if I end up not being able to use it, it's not a great loss. The deodorant is less than in the store for the same size. I for 2 of each of those. I also for 1 100 pack of green friendly coffee filters. I know everyone tells me to get a metal one - well I don't like them - I think it changes the taste of the coffee and I hate cleaning them out. People say - just dump it, but it's not clean after that - so NO.

I'm short on money for the rest of the month as I'll only have $42 I can spend until the order I'm getting for Christmas food and next months food clears. Then I'll have another $61 to use - will end up getting a bottle of whisky for Christmas and that will be about $28. So not much spending on me money - no Pizza for the rest of the month. But in the end I'll have at least $97 for next month to spend on myself so New Years Eve will be covered. I'll be getting another bottle then as well. I end up normally having 1 good go at the bottle the night of the day I celebrate then 2 smaller goes at it. I just can not handle an entire 26. I might actually get a pre-mixed thing for Christmas this time and maybe for New Years Eve. If I do it will be less money and I'll probably finish it, as there will be less booze in it in total. We will see - it is only if the Liquor Store even has it in.


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