4 Mini Blog Posts in 1

Out for coffee the other day. Was good to get out and see my friends for a change. Don't think I'm going this week. I'm kind of ticked off at humanity in general right now, so best to just stay home I think.
Tossed the straw into my glass and it ended up sitting on the thing inside it perfectly. Not a change it's going to happen again, and with my shaky hands, not much of a chance I'll do it on purpose. Many years ago, we used to balance stuff when out for coffee, like the straw in the middle of the glass standing up.
My photo editor on my phone will put makeup on you if you like - so I tried it out LOL. I think this color looks good on me. I actually put lipstick on one time a few years ago, and I found it kind of hard to do. Then again, I never did it before and did not look up how to do it.
Ramen noodles with stewed tomatoes. I used 2 packs and it was a bit too much food for one sitting and I was a bit uncomfortable. I used the chicken flavored ones and it came out rather well. It would have been better with some hot sauce, but I did not have any. There is onion, celery, and green pepper with the tomatoes.


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