I Don't Filter Myself, I Just Say It

Well, if you are going to ask, I'll give you stuff you probably don't want to know LOL. But then again, the people that post this nonsense to be popular, never reply to anyone anyway. I've also been to a "motel party" or three - it's when a group books an entire motel on the outskirts of a city, and has a bunch of sex activities in the rooms, and you can just got from room to room to have different kinds of fun.

But these days are LONG behind me. Now I'm just your average average guy who likes to watch Netflix and sit in a chair drinking coffee, and be left the hell alone. Don't get ne wrong, I like a good orgasm, I just don't ever want to be bothered with doing anything sexual with other people now. I like living alone, even know it is more dangerous, and just can't imagine having a "lover" anymore - or random partner. I think I lost interest in actual sex about 20 years ago, since then I've just not bothered.

I am however glad I had a lot of "play time" when I was in my 20's and 30's. I just ran out of energy I guess LOL. Actually it was a shift in my thinking and who I fundamentally was after that point. Since then I have bee a rather nice guy, and not at all confrontational. In my 20's I sure as hell was confrontational.

But, unless the person is being rude, I'll answer about any question - even if it is things most people count as "private". I don't seem to have that filter that other people have to make them never talk about certain topics. Then again, I am not shy about being seen naked either. I've had photos taken in a dungeon, posing on a farm yard - and generally been to a large number of nudist events in my day. To this day, I still post nude photos now and then on my nudist blog.

I don't understand why others have limits to what they will talk about to be honest, but I respect their limitations. I also try not to judge others on my standards, as it may not apply to their lifestyle at all. As long as they are not harming others, I say let them do their thing.

Have a good day, and always be true to yourself.

P.S. I don't like talking to strangers in real life, but I will. I do however feel free to say anything on here or in a vlog, and really have said it all over the years. BTW, I will hold back on saying things to others many times that might hurt their feelings - my lack of filters is just self directed, not outwardly directed.


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