Playing Castle of the Winds 1 and 2 on a 64 bit Windows Machine (And Cheats)

Below is information on how to run COTW 1 and 2 on a 64 bit windows machine. As well there is saved game hack info you can use or not. At the bottom is some helpful hints on starting the game. The above image is a screen cap of the COTW 2 village where you start. The games are simple, but actually challenging if you do not cheat.

You can play Castle of the Winds 1 and 2 on a 64 bit windows box with the emulator OTVDM. It's rather easy to find the games on abandonware sites. If you want to cheat on the game, you will need a hex editor, I recommend Hexinator. Download and unzip OTVDM then copy the COTW folders into it. Then do the following:

Copy folder where you want it to be.
Make a shortcut to "otvdmw.exe"
Put shortcut where you want it (desktop for example)
Click shortcut
Click on "MICROSTR" for COTW 1 - click "CASTLE1.exe" - it should then run
Click on "CASTLE2" for COTW 2 - click "CASTLE2.exe" - it should then run

To cheat, start a new game then save it first. The edits will be the same on both games. The saved files end with CWG (Ex: DAVE.CWG). Open the hex editor and navigate to the folder and open the saved game. The following is the best option for cheating on stats, hp, and mana:

Stats: 128 = 32 32 32 32 32 32 32 32
HP: 148 = FF 80 FF 80
MA: 152 = FF 50 FF 50

NOTE: You probably want to leave the Stats alone. Setting them to 100% can cause issues if you have an enhanced weapon. On occasion it can make it so you literally can't hit anyone at all. Even with a massive amount of hit points in this case, you will eventually die, or just never be able to win.

The first number is the offset location to move to for entering the string of numbers., then click the first number (should be highlighted) and enter the number string. This does not give the maximum possible HP or MANA. If you do that, you can mess up the saved game at points, so just go with the extremely high points above. I'm not going to give you the offset for the money, because it can cause issues with not being able to put anything in your pack or pick up more coins. You really won't need extra money, it gives you enough and in the first few levels, you can pick up a great deal of good items.

In COTW2 the shops generally have amazing stuff to start with, and you get a pile of money. Always save the money in the bank when you get back to the village. Go back to the village when you need to unload stuff or identify things and to upgrade items. As soon as you can, learn the spell "Identify", so you can identify items in the dungeon and use them, or dispose them as needed. Remove curse is also a good idea at some point. Spell books are never cures it seems (never had a cursed one ever), so just put it in your free hand, then use "Activate" to learn the spell in the book. 


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