My Bank Credit Card Is Messing My Life Up Right Now

This is actually 4 screen shots stitched together to show what I'm talking about. Top you see the time and date. Below that the header and most of the URL showing it's the page for me Conexus Credit Union Mastercard. Next is the panel with the current balance of transactions that have posed. The bottom is the transactions that have not posted yet and are not counted in the current balance.

So on the 5th of February I made a payment of $30 to the web page. It generally ads it to your available credit that night by 8pm my time. Well it was the 10th when I contacted card holder services about it not being added to my credit.

Let's do the math shall we? Ok the ($98) means I'm $98 over my credit limit of $600 - as they allow you to go $100 over tops just incase. Well that would be a total of $698.

$660.81 + $5.62 + $2.76 = $669.19

Difference is $28.81

The available credit is never quite correct if the pending have not posted yet, so just go with it. I paid $30, then purchased the coffee at Smitty's and the pills at Rexall. So this is why it's not $30 difference. But it's NOT $698.00 now is it? So we can tell that the $30 has not been applied to my available credit at all.

This seems to happen that they put a hold on my payment every time I pay less than $100, and no one can tell me what the heck that is about, as it makes literally no sense at all to do this other than to gain some small interest off my money - would be about nothing on this small amount of course, so that makes no sense either.

When I call card holder services about this they ALWAYS insist it has been applied, but not being an absolute moron, I can do the math and see they are either lying to me, or they literally can't understand something this bloody simple. I've called the bank several times in the past and this is how I found out there is a hold on the money. They would put in a release request and it would be on my credit later that day. That alone tells me that they have not a clue at the card holder services.

To be honest, I'm extremely in pain right now and needed to buy the pain meds for this. So I was hoping to the Goddess that they would have handled it by now - but NOPE. And I just don't have the energy left in me to call the bank to have it handled. I'm hoping tomorrow it will go on my card limit and I can finally ease the terrible pain I'm in. If not, I will suffer even longer due to the incompetence or lies of the people I called at card holder services. I'll give the benefit of doubt and call it not having a bloody clue what I explained clearly to them.

To be honest due to this fact when people ask me about Conexus, I tell them exactly how much trouble I, and several others I know have had with their credit cards. They gave us "debit cards" recently, and I tried it, and they can't be used on any web site I tried, so I don't know the value of that either.

If I knew I'd end up in a massive Fibromyalgia flair, I'd not have made the payment on my card and just went over there and got it with the "debit card" instead. Then I'd not be suffering right now, but I bloody well am suffering needlessly. To be honest, by the time the money gets on my credit card, I'll more than likely not be in a flair any more, as my flairs are thankfully shorter than most peoples.

It does no good at all to complain to the banks call center as it seems to be falling on deaf ears there. I have no idea if it's passed on to anyone, or just left on a file on a hard drive some place to be ignored. I just know nothing will ever be done to fix this nonsense.

Poor people like myself often can't make a large payment after the start of the month, and being that they won't bump up my limit to $700 and then I would not have to go over every month, I am stuck going over all the time. The fact that I have literally always paid it off before the date it is due makes no difference it seems. Very little makes sense when it comes to this kind of thing if you ask me, at least from my experiences.

To be honest, after the many times I have had to go though the hoops of hell to get them to release the money I PAID them on their bloody web page, I think I am owed an apology on paper now. I'm not kidding, I really do think it's due me. This is absolute nonsense and it is only ending up in undue stress to poor people like myself.

There is a certainty that people with more money have no idea what this feels like at all. After all, if it does happen to them, the majority of them would still have room on the card and it would most likely be not noticed at all. I have heard complaints from others with money of this happening though, so at least a few of them noticed. The difference is, it's not messing up their bloody life now is it? In my case, I am used to doing without things, but to be in hellish pain and barely ably to even walk from the pain, and to not be able to buy the meds - is just a slap in the face from the card company and from my bank who keeps letting this happen.

I am in debt with an overdraft and if it was not for never having the ability to pay that off due to poverty, I'd bloody well be switching banks in a heart beat to see if I can get away from this happening over and over. As I said, I just can't recommend going to Conexus to open an account and get a credit card from them if you don't have a lot more money than a person like me on SAID (disability support from the Saskatchewan government.) Banks are just never friendly to people who live under the poverty line and those who don't have work it seems.

I'm ending this with the thought that I'm seriously upset and I will never forget this as long as I live. This time it is literally hurting me. I hope this was mostly able to get my points across, as I'm listening to show toons as I type this. Enjoy your day, and I hope to the Goddess that this never happens to you, I don't want others to suffer like this - but I know it will happen to others and that it already has. Blessings of comfort to you and wishes of a good life.


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