Children of Gaza Jigsaw Puzzles

As always I created the puzzles in Jigsaws Galore. The images are generated in Deep Dream Generator and are probably not extremely accurate, and you can spot errors it has made in the images of course. The plight of the people in Gaza is heart breaking to me. I don't care about your politics, when I see humans suffering I feel for them deeply. When it comes to children, it hits me harder. The images in the media are devastating to anyone who has a heart. Bellow are screen caps of the finished puzzles with the times it took to complete them on the image. Below that will be the 9 clean images for you to use if you like - they are creative commons. I forget the prompts I used as it was months ago I created them. I just hope those who see these images contemplate on how we as a species are capable of horrible things, and that you pray for those who are suffering.


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