Tetley Chai Tea Review

A friend got this for me off of my Amazon Wish List. I'm glad she did, I was deeply desiring Chai Tea and had no money for it at the time. I have been drinking Stash Double Spice Chai for years, but the 100 pack I used to get went up in price by a factor of 5, and I'm just not paying that much for it. This was half the price per unit as I originally paid for the Stash Tea. The flavor is light and does not have a very tannic taste to it like a lot of inexpensive tea has. The round bags are nice as well, as they fit nicely in the cup. You do need a spoon to fish them out, but for the price I am not worried about the lack of a string. The lighter taste does not diminish my enjoyment of it at all. I rather enjoy it, and in the afternoon, it makes a good hot treat. There is not nearly as much of a caffeine hit to them as well, so it is good for an evening of watching movies. You can get two cups out of it, but the second cup is lest tasty, unless you leave it in for some time and it will have a slightly bitter hint to it if you do. It's a rather popular brand where I am and I can see why - it is not expensive and not overly flavored. I have to say the Stash tea was too much of a hit some times for me. I think the regular, instead of the double spiced Stash would have been better. I'm interested in trying other blends of tea from Tetley now. If I remember, and if the store has it, I'll order different kinds with future grocery orders. I wish I had this when I was in the hospital as they had the most horrible tea ever, but I wanted that hot drink with my noon meal. I rate this a 7/10. NOTE: it is rather a light taste for some people, but I think I like that better than a big hit of taste for some reason.


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