Remembering the Voyageur Restaurant in Moose Jaw

This is the actual Voyageur restaurant I went to as a kid with my family. It was just outside of the city at the time and is now R&S Family Restaurant. We tended to only go there for breakfast when on our way to Regina, Yourkton or some other place out of town. I remember fondly the creamers that looked like a cow (below) and that there was puzzles with pegs you had to jump the pegs and clear all but the odd colored peg to win. I may be romanticizing it as we often do with memories of our youth in our old age, but I recall a great feeling of belonging and just plane joy at being there. The place has actually changed a lot over the years in how it looks but the unique ceiling they had in it is still the same. It has changed hands many times over the years, but the new owners seem to be making a go of it to say the least, and there is talk of a second location opening. It was such a simpler time, and I did not have a worry in the world. I know I took photos of R&S but I can't find them in my archive, so I can't show you the way it looks now.
These are exactly the same as the "Moo Cow" creamers, with just a different thing printed on them. They are however not as I remember for some reason. I honestly thought it was more like an actual cow shape, not just the head of a cow. I really do wish I had one. I did however purchase both kinds of the puzzles, the triangle one and the cross shaped one. I recall my brother not being able to do them when I was able to and he always seemed a bit annoyed that I could do it, and that it did not take me long to figure it out.


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