Coffee Outing Won't Happen This Week For Me

This is me out for coffee after missing it for a while and it was a blessing to be able to get out and be with friends. However I'm just NOT going this next week. I'm absolutely DONE with people right now and I need so me time the hell away from people. My one friend tends to get cranked up and be a bit rude at times and I'm 100% sure I'd be telling him exactly where he can get go and where he can put his attitude in the mood I'm in. I also don't see me loosing this pissed off feeling any time soon. See the post about the bank credit card to see why I'm totally pissed off. To be honest it's been 30 years since I've been angry more than a few minutes at a time - but this time It's going to stick for a long time and I'm totally done with humanity in general for several reasons not all about the bank credit card. I've had a few massive disappointments the last few days and I'm just a lot upset with people in general.


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