Galca Coffee Review (Ukraine Import)

This is an import from the Ukraine. The only English on it at all is on this side of the can. I've got no idea what any of it says, but I think there is sugar in it - refined white sugar to be exact. It was given to me as a gift by a friend. The taste is slightly woody, and slightly sweet. There is no bitter edge to it because of the sweetening. The woody taste is interesting and not all that common. There is a hint of walnut to it as well, but it's in the aftertaste. It always has this almost white foam on it as well when you pour in the boiling water. Interestingly enough, my attempt at Turkish coffee came out with a slightly darker foam. The can is rather small and it takes 2 heaping spoons of it to make a mug of coffee that is strong enough to be worth it. It would be great for camping over the weekend, as it would be enough for 2 people to have morning coffee 2 or 3 days in a row and does not take up much room. As instant coffee goes, this is far better than most I have had over the decades. In fact, I rather think it is the best instant coffee I have ever had. I think it would stand to loose the sugar though, as I like the bitter edge of a morning cup. This makes a great after a meal cup of coffee however (evening meal even). I'm told it is a popular brand over there, and I can see why - it is easy as heck to make and it is tasty. I will rate this an 8/10. Being it's an instant coffee, it can't compare to actual brewed coffee in a Moka pot or a French press, but for what it is, it is amazing. I rather think that people who don't like normal coffee, would actually enjoy this. It does have enough of a kick to get you awake and going in the morning as well. I don't have any lemon, but I think a bit of lemon juice in it would be interesting. It went well with a Mandarin Orange as well the one afternoon.


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