Sound of Freedom (2023) Review

This is a movie about a man who used to work for the FBI catching child predator's online. He eventually turns vigilante and ends up saving hundreds of children from human trafficking.

To be honest this ripped my heart out. I have the desire to see people who do this kind of thing to children die screaming in pain. So I was both enraged and crying my eyes out for most of the movie. Serious warning, if you are triggered by sexual abuse or child abuse, this movie WILL trigger you.

The story is very realistic in it's presentation and it makes it all too real at times. The film noir style that a lot of scenes the children are in ads to the terror of what you know they are feeling.

This is NOT even close to a family movie and if you have kids, just don't let them watch this.

This is based on a true story BTW. The man risked his life many times to do what he did. There are not many people who would do that no matter how just the quest is. Human trafficking is the largest criminal endeavor on the planet at the moment. It far surpasses the drug trade even. Every country in the world is infested by this plague. The people that profit from this crime and the ones who buy sex or pornography deserve no mercy at all.

The fact that so little resources are put into this by my own government makes me angry. Also there is a systematic level of racism that enables first nations children and women to be taken and very little is often done to find them.

In any event, this is a hard movie to watch, but it is also a very good movie. There is however a great deal of controversy around the film by both experts in the field of sex trafficking and conspiracy groups. It has also been said that it is profiting of human tragedy.


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