Angels, Coffee, and a Hat

I don't know if the universe is trying to tell me I'm not alone or what, but I very often look at my phone when it is 11:11 or 12:34. There is the possibility that I'm just ignoring the times when it's not, but it seems to happen rather often to me. There is the idea that an Angel is watching over you when you see these, or that you will be lucky that day. Luck is not something I would say ends up as part of most of my days, in fact I'd say the opposite is true. 11:11 has historical significance as well, being the date, and time of the end of World War I. It is also the time we honor those who served in wars to this day. There are very few traditions I still honor, but Remembrance day is one of them. I do the minute of silent reflection every year and have since I was about 13. As for Angels, I believe there are spirits out there that influence our lives. I don't know if this is always a good thing, but I think it happens now and then.
I don't own a Briki, but I do have a small sauce pan that is normally made for making glazes in. So I been playing with Turkish coffee with it. The coffee is not from Turkey, so it's not exactly the same thing, but Italian coffee will have to do. I see video and photos and not one of them has this light colored foam on it, instead it's always a dark foam. So I got not one clue what I'm doing wrong, other than not using the coffee from the right country. My French press also left this light colored foam on top when I used it with my Italian coffee. There are people who spice the coffee when doing it this way as well, but I don't. Also I remember having it at a shop in Calgary and they made it over a flame and put it in a pan of sand before putting it in the tiny cup. This if made the authentic way would be rather a LOT of coffee. The authentic way leave the coffee extremely strong and slightly thicker than normal. This is not to be confused with Cuban coffee that is an Espresso shot that is sweet.
I did a tag video where I needed a hat (tag video is where you answer questions). I dusted off this old thing and put it on. I love this hat and it's the only one I have left. I gave the rest of my hats away last summer. I almost never put this one on either, but I don't want to part with it, as it has memories linked to it. I also think I look great with it on. I often remember another Dave when I have it on. He was a good friend in the day, but we lost touch. Last thing I recall was him being evicted by a guy I also used to be friends with. They had both moved to Calgary and Dave was living in the Scotts basement and was not paying rent. Instead he was spending all his money on booze. I'm glad when I had my problem (OK still have it) with booze, I never took it that far - I always paid the bills, rent and got what I need first. However, I'm certain that what I spent on booze in my life, I could have had a small house and a nice car by the time I hit age 50. First time I had booze was a half a bottle of beer at Christmas dinner when I was 10 years old (yup Dad gave it to us on holidays). Kind of wish looking back that I never had a drop of it in my life. But I love this hat.


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